FCDA Services


Informing and Serving Florida Communities...

The Florida Community Development Association  was in the forefront of gathering the information that was passed along to Congress to help preserve Community Development Block Grant and HOME funding in the early 1990’s. That data helped avert the elimination of HUD from the President’s Cabinet and shape U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policy. The Association continues to participate in such responses to Congress, HUD and others regarding important community and economic development issues and particularly about Florida concerns. 

Florida Community Development Association Mission...

To Hold training meetings, workshops and other meetings, to share “best practices” and information with community and economic development practitioners working with low and moderate-income households and areas, about the prevailing regulatory and programmatic issues of the day at locations around the state in order to be more accessible. These activities will promote (1) acquisition and expansion of affordable housing (2) stabilizing distressed neighborhoods communities (3) increasing effectiveness and efficiency of housing programs (4) increasing the number of persons served (5) home ownership (6) sustaining affordable housing (7) affirmatively furthering Fair Housing, and (8) ensuring against loss of CDBG, HOME, SHIP, and similar funds through reporting errors.  

To Act as a clearinghouse for the many questions posed by citizens, members, constituents, HUD national, state officials or other and provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas.   

To Help identify common problems, seek solutions, and plan for an Annual Meeting where members can share, discuss and benefit from their experiences. 

To Identify common problems, solutions, and provide a forum to discuss and benefit from shared experiences and act as a clearinghouse for questions.  

To Alert community and economic development professionals to important announcements, emerging resources, deadlines, and opportunities for collaboration, items requiring support, and program changes/threats/enhancements. 

To Facilitate cooperation on common issues. 

To Promote professionalism and performance “excellence” among community and economic development practitioners. 

Platform for Community Devevelopment Professionals...

The Florida Community Development Association provides a platform for community development professionals to get together and discuss how to best handle their similar challenges to accomplishing respective program goals while maintaining compliance.  It is more important than ever to share information in order to be more efficient in our operations. We are “experienced” practitioners who have walked in your shoes and are more likely to have the insight to provide you a “workable” approach because we’ve tried it and it works.  NOW is the time for us to work smarter together! We call on all Practitioners to share their information, network, and attend the Annual Training Meeting/Conference to become/maintain “excellence” in every phase of community and economic development performance!

Our offices...

Florida Community Development Association  offices are currently located in Port Orange, FL, after having moved there from Daytona Beach, FL, around 2008, and earlier from Tallahassee, FL in 2003. The Office Manager is Rose Shelley, CPA, and the Executive Director Secretary-Treasurer is Emory M. Counts who was so-appointed upon the departure of the previous Director, Mr. Thomas Pierce. The history is replete with contributions from many dedicated individuals around the state. Providing practical assistance to members and practitioners is the fundamental goal of FCDA. The Association draws its strength and direction from its members, and returns that support in kind…in a unique and enjoyable reciprocal relationship.