FCDA Diamond Award



Florida Community Development Association "Diamond Award" purpose is to recognize exemplary uses of local, federal, state, and/or other funds, particularly those programs that address the needs of low and moderate income persons, families and neighborhoods. The application review team will look more favorably on projects/programs that meet a need in the community, leverages funds, and maximizes collaborations and partnerships with community agencies in developing and managing the project. 


Application Deadline: All applicants must submit the completed application along with a video (5 minutes or less – one minute is for the introduction, and the remaining 4 minutes highlights of the program) to FCDA by April 9, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. 

Eligible Applicants: Non-profits that play a lead role in the operation or support of projects, services, and programs in low-income neighborhoods or that serve low to moderate income populations. The applications are limited to the following areas: Affordable Housing, Community Development including Public Service Activities, and Economic Development Projects funded within the last five years with CDBG, HOME, SHIP and/or other community development funds. Applicants are limited to one (1) application per agency during this application period. 

Video links provided by respective organizations will be available on the FCDA website for a minimum 6 months. 

Project Content...

Summarize the Program/Project/Service: In no more than 100 words, briefly describe the program, project, or service including the problem, the innovative solution, and results. The application will only accept 100 words (double spaced) for the summary (every word and number or abbreviation used as a word is counted). 

Provide a Program/Project/Service Narrative: Create an overview that addresses the following five (5) topics. Each topic lists questions to help you formulate your response. The application must address all of the topics as shown on the application below.  Failure to do so renders the entry incomplete and it will not be scored. 

On-Line Diamond Award Application

Please Note the Non-profit Award amounts:

1st Place - $500

2nd Place - $300

3rd Place - $200

FCDA Diamond Award Application